T – Sequel to ‘Mates With The Devil’

After defeating Xavier and finding her second chance, Candy must restore the world and the honour of the Blood Alphas. Though, it is not as easy as it seems. Not being raised in an Alpha household, Candy knows nothing of the rolls she must now fill. However, Theodore stands beside her, guiding her, not knowing that he, himself, is lost. Whilst learning the ropes of her new title, she digs up more issues of the past than she imagines. It seems Xavier has left a deep cut of damage. But, how will she pick up the pieces when it’s those close to her that have been wounded; broken beyond repair?

Theodore: Alpha and second chance mate, struggles to keep the façade he’s kept up for years. His secrets and his past start to catch up with him. With Candy weakening his mental and emotional defences, he finds it hard to run from them for long. Raising a baby that’s not his own; supporting a mate lost in the new Alpha world, and a mass of new found responsibilities, will Theodore ever be able to find himself and keep his mind from falling prey to his darker nature that he’s managed to keep at bay for so long? Or will he stay broken?

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