Stolen Identities

Stolen Identities When an international gang member's time in the underworld comes to an end, she decides to start a life of her own under the [...]

The Girl That Didn’t Exist

The Girl That Didn't Exist - Halloween Special Someone once told me, that falling in love is like giving someone a loaded gun, pointed at your heart, [...]


X - Sequel to 'Mates With The Devil' After swearing to change his ways and become the Blood Alpha the world needs, Xavier starts to create a [...]


T - Sequel to 'Mates With The Devil' After defeating Xavier and finding her second chance, Candy must restore the world and the honour of the Blood [...]

When I Come Home

When I Come Home - Book One in the 'When I Come Home' series If it's strong enough - true love always comes home. She is [...]

Mates with the Devil

Mates with the Devil Not all evil can be saved... ~ Legend says he is as evil as the devil. She is considered a fallen angel. [...]

His Choice

His Choice Allenica Jones is a 17, soon to be 18, year-old from Sector XI (eleven). She is sold by her stepfather to The Factory - [...]

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