X – Sequel to ‘Mates With The Devil’

After swearing to change his ways and become the Blood Alpha the world needs, Xavier starts to create a better world for his mate and their child. He is determined to prove he can the Alpha the world has needed for years. Candy stands by his side, supporting him and guiding him towards better actions. However, the task is not easy. Candy starts to see Xavier slip back into his old ways. She needs to keep him from falling prey to his darker side so they can keep their promise to the Moon Goddess. To stop him from turning back to his former self, Candy must dig up a dark past that Xavier has kept in the shadows. A past that has tainted his soul and blackened his heart.

Xavier: Blood Alpha, mate and father, allows himself to feel emotions he has kept locked away for years. His new role as a father has brought light into the dark world he lived in. However, when his heart is unlocked, many secrets are unlocked with it. With his new attitude, debts of the past start to creep up on him, and old enemies seek their revenge. With a family to protect, Xavier must resist the urge to dispose of them as he previously would have. Will he fall prey to his former self? Or will he be fixed?

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