Anneka Rose is an uprising young author who aims to release a variety of books across a range of different genres. Rose started her writing journey at the age of 13 when she wrote chapters for non-existent books. However, she was yet to find a spark for a full novel. At the age of 15, Rose reignited her writing career and finished the first draft of the teenage fantasy romance, ‘Selected’, published on the online platform, Quotev. ‘Selected’ was an online hit, reeling in over two-thousand readers. During the creation of ‘Selected’, Rose discovered a similar online platform called Wattpad, where she has published ‘Mates with the Devil’ – which currently has over 1.1 Million readsand the short story ‘The Girl That Didn’t Exist’.

During her first college year, Rose met the acquaintance of Miss Louisa Brown – who she found shared an interest in writing. The two instantly connected and have co-authored on the final two books of the ‘White Twilight’ series. Studying Creative Writing at A-Level, Rose found that she enjoyed writing in many other forms, including poetry – leading to her releasing a poem, ‘Before She Could’, in Brown’s anthology, ‘Before She Could?’ As one of Rose’s goals to be close with her readers, she started a well-received ‘Name this Line’ challenge between readers. At the top of every chapter, there is a line which readers must be the first to name it in order to get an honourable mention as a supporting reader.

Currently, Rose is working on multiple books that are yet to be published. However, her next aim is to release a novel that readers will be available to purchase. A step closer to her bigger dream of getting one of her novels turned into a hit film.